Statistics Company

We work with companies to answer specific problems related to statistics.

Hyphen addresses the growing needs of quality and efficiency for pharmaceutical industries and biotechnologies in the experimental or production data processing. A key component of the offer consists in automating the data processing by creating dedicated softwares.

Hyphen mission is to participate in the optimization of company data.

Decision help – Results optimization – Productivity improvement – Self-sufficiency in the analysis

Who are we?

Hyphen is a consulting company specializing in statistics and information technology founded by three Sanofi employees. The company is based on the Oncopôle in Toulouse. The Hyphen team has many years of experience in the regulated fields and the development of software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our areas of expertise

Life sciences, pharmaceutical industries, biotechnologies, biologic diagnosis…

Our team

David Colongo

CEO - Statistician

Audrey Segalini

CEO - Statistician

Laurent Thomassin

CEO - IT Engineer

Ludovic Badin

IT Engineer

Our know-how

Hyphen is specialized in the design and development of custom software solutions for the statistical processing of your data.

The team brings together statisticians specialized in data analysis and engineers in software architecture. This association provides the best model for integrating into a customized application the appropriate statistical methodology that fits your business context.

What defines us?


We are a human-sized company that is close to and attentive to its customers.


We analyze data objectively and independently for each of its customers.


We work with the latest market technologies SAS, R, HTML5, JAVA.


We comply with good laboratory or manufacturing practices.


We know the critical nature of data and is true to this principle.


We accompany you and guarantees deliverables for 3 months.