Statistics & computing

Statistical & IT consulting

Our customers ask us regularly for support on advice or production.

Add a new dimension to your data

The industry provides a growing volume of data. The information contained in this data is a valuable asset of your company in decision making.

Big data analysis involves more complicated and sophisticated statistical methods. The Hyphen team supports in the implementation of these methods. Our action aims to optimize information in your data and add value.

Custom software development

Hyphen develops customized and validated software solutions. The applications are fully integrated into your operating procedures and processes. They provide easy data processing and enable self-sufficiency in the results delivery.

Meet quality requirements

Relevant use of statistics in a report or scientific paper adds value to the results presented to regulators.

Hyphen supports its clients in writing the protocol, helps to define experimental objectives and identifies analysis biases to improve the reproducibility of research studies.

Hyphen ensures complete objectivity and independence in data analysis.

Areas of interventions


Sample size calculation


Pharmacological modelling

Equivalence analysis for topical products according EMA guideline « Quality and equivalence of topical products »

Biomarkers identification

Bioassays analysis


Design of Experiment (DoE)

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Comparability study

Inter-laboratory study


ASTM E2810 – E2709 standards