Hyphen referenced on Datadock

On August 31, 2017, our statement on Datadock was validated We meet the criteria of the Quality Decree of June 30, 2015 and are therefore «referenceable» by all the funders of vocational training.

Datadock : what are we talking about ?

Datadock is the platform of referencing common to all funders on which training organizations have the obligation to register before June 30, 2017 in order to prove their compliance with the quality requirements provided by the Law.

The law of 5 March 2015 entrusted the funding of vocational training (OPCA, Fongecif …) with responsibility for monitoring and quality control of training organizations. They must ensure the quality of the services offered by a training organization before financing them.
In order to evaluate the quality of the training organizations, 20 OPCAs have come together to design Datadock, a digital platform on which training organizations provide information proving that they meet the quality requirements laid down by law.

Selection via a Data Dock of a training organization becomes a mandatory prerequisite for any refinancing by a fund provider (OPCA, Fongecif …).

Datadock : how it works ?

The 20 OPCAs of the consortium have developed 21 indicators to assess compliance with the 6 criteria specified by the Quality Decree of 30 June 2015.

To be « referenceable» on Datadock, a training organization must :

  • If it is certified or labeled by an organization referenced by the CNEFOP, describe how it responds to each indicator.
  • Otherwise, it must also provide evidence on each of these 21 indicators. The indicators and associated evidence are available on the Datadock website.

The declaration of each organization is then examined by the funders who evaluate the quality of the services proposed, with a view to making the organization “referencable”, and this by all the financiers.